On this page I offer publishing advice, make suggestions and provide recommendations that will help you produce a quality book.  Make sure you also view my Tips and Links buttons as well for additional recommendations.

Cover Design:  Recommend you purchase software that creates quality covers from scratch or with templates that you can use on multiple platforms.  Buy Best Book Cover Software Deluxe Version… worth every penny.  Note: when using the cover templates at CreateSpace, you are unable to use the same cover on Ingram Spark… something to do with proprietary templates.  That doesn’t mean you can’t create the same looking cover, it just means you can’t use the cover template  unless with CreateSpace or Kindle.

ISBNs: The official USA supplier of ISBNs is R R Bowker.  Follow them and watch for sales, since they often offer discounts on multiple block purchases.  Having your own block of ISBNs will open doors for you with bookstores, distributors and suppliers.  At a minimum, buy the block of 10 ISBNs.  

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