Bucket List Journal

Bucket List. Front Cover. with SUNSET.Proof

Title:  Bucket List

     100 Things To Do or See Before the Sun Sets on My LIfe

Author:  Rosemary Augustine

Publisher:  Blue Spruce Publishing

ISBN: 978-1-943581-02-3

Price:  $12.95

Soft Cover Book with Trim Size:  8 x 10 inches

Page Count:  208 pages

Contact Info:  610.647.8863

Contact the Author: info@RosemaryAugustine.com

Contact the Publisher: info@BlueSprucePublishing.com

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About the Bucket List Journal

It’s never too late to add or complete items on your bucket list.  The inside of this book offers you a place to dream and carry out those dreams – as many as 100 of them.  It might be a trip you want to take to a foreign land or a musical group you want to see in person.  It may be a new hobby you want to start or something as simple as organizing a drawer.  This book gives you the chance to set your sights on 100 things you would like to do before you die and gives you the space to write about your experience, your thoughts and whether it’s something you would do again.  There is even space to paste a picture, memorabilia or create a sketch of your experience.  A journal you can return to time and again to remind yourself “I did that!”

The book offers a place to list 1-100 things to see or do; and then for each item #, you have a full page of journal prompts with space to write about your experience and a second page to add additional journaling thoughts and space to paste photos or memorabilia.

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