Journal to a More Creative Self

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Title: Journal to a More Creative Self

Author: Rosemary Augustine

Publisher: Blue Spruce Publishing Company

ISBN: 9780964471153

Price: $14.95

Soft Cover Book with Trim Size:  5″ x 8″

Page Count: Approx.  88 pages

Contact Info: 610.647.8863

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About  Journal to a More Creative Self:

This book offers six chapters for six weeks of intensely creative writings to heighten your sensory awareness and gain intuitive insight and meaning to your surroundings.

“This book really helped me have the art of living in the moment. Rosemary had us experimenting with all six senses, each one awakening something deeper in me. Six weeks well spent!” Carol Clark.

An opportunity to stretch your creativity, while expanding your writing skills. Each week you will explore one of your five senses: touch, smell, sight, sound and taste. The 6th week explore your 6th sense of intuition.

Journal to a More Creative Self gives you a chance to hone your writing skills making journaling a regular part of your daily life while working on areas to enhance your daily living – increasing your awareness, while building on your creativity – all in the comfort of your home.

As you explore a different sense each week, follow the prompts, examples, and special “tool” words to stimulate your writing around each week’s topic.

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