Jenny’s Secrets

Jenny's Secrets - Front Cover.


Title:  Jenny’s Secrets

Book Designer and Author:  Rosemary Augustine

Publisher:  Blue Spruce Publishing

ISBN: 978-1-943581-03-0

Price:  $12.95

Soft Cover Book with Trim Size:  8” x 10”

Page Count:  150 pages

Contact Info: 610.647.8863

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About the Book

Jenny’s Secrets is designed to look like a dog story book yet is disguised to be your personal internet password book for use at home or in the office. There is plenty of room with 150 pages, including space for entries such as the name of your account, the URL, your log in / user name, and password, as well as space for answers to security questions, a place for your account # and any additional notes. There is lots of white space in the margins for notes and the last 4 pages allows for additional notes, special instructions or a place to glue a 6” x 9” envelope (not included) and fill with licensing documentation or information.

Because of the disguising nature of the cover, you can display it on your desk with comfort that others will not know of its contents. We purposely did not add alphabetical letters to the margins since you have the option to enter your information alphabetically, numerically or by category so as not to restrict your use of this book. There is a lined space if you want to add any letter, word or number in the margin.  Let Jenny protect your most valuable information.  Order several today as they make a great gift for all the canine lovers in your life.  Use in good health and know that Jenny will keep your secrets safe inside.

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