Secrets I Learned

Secrets I Learned - Book Cover.

Secrets I Learned From Ordinary House Cats

Title: Secrets I Learned From Ordinary House Cats

Author: Rosemary Augustine

Publisher: Blue Spruce Publishing Company

ISBN: 9780964471146

Price: $12.95

Soft Cover Book with Trim Size:  5″ x 8″

Page Count: Approx.  88 pages

Contact Info: 610.647.8863

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Author Reveals Secrets About This Book:

Six kittens were born to a feral momma cat somewhere near Berwyn, PA in the spring of 2005.  Not long after the momma moved her six kittens to a safer location, she was found dead in the road… leaving behind her 5-week old kittens.  A local vet technician rescues the kittens and a pet sitter introduces the kittens to their future human companions.  On an afternoon in late May of that year, one of their potential human companions visits the orphaned kittens and is instantly smitten with one feisty black kitten and the quieter stripped one.  Within an hour, the human companion returns home with two male kittens – a grey stripped tabby and a black and white tuxedo … later that night to be named Ziggy and Zack.

And so the story begins … Secrets I Learned From Ordinary House Cats is a series of quick poetic verses that sends every feline to the front of the line for wit and wisdom for life.  Ziggy and Zack demonstrate a talent that translates into valuable life skills for humans in our everyday living.

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