Marketing Tips for May

Publishing your own books can be an exhilarating process. Lots of work and lots of pay offs eventually – depending on how much work you do.

As I was researching some sites to provide you with some great publishing tips, I came across this link that is a great idea for marketing your book. This is a great idea and I can’t wait to hear from some of you on how this worked for you. I would suggest that the gift card is not only used to buy your book but also ask (possibly call it a card with strings) for them to also review your book once they buy it.

Some other ideas for you on book marketing includes:

Setting up your Author Page on Amazon. If you are not comfortable promoting yourself, hire someone to write the copy for you. Look at other authors’ bio’s which will help you in promoting yourself.

Do you have an Author Page on FaceBook? If not, it’s time to get one. Simple to create, post teasers about your book, upcoming books or other writings you are working on. Remember to “Pay to Boost” your posts so you can attract readers (and ultimately buyers). Set up the links to buy your book as well, I set mine to go right to my Amazon page.

Some of you may do well with a Pinterest account too. I’ve been a Pinner for a couple of years now, and find that I have Pin Boards relevant to my book topics. They include: Journal Spaces (places to sit while journaling – which really are beautiful porch settings with wicker furniture); Cats – oh my, I’ve gone overboard on this Pin Board, but, hey, it sells Cat books; a Book Board with all my books plus many others that I recommend. These are just a few ideas on how I’ve used Pinterest. Put your thinking cap on and get creative on pinning pictures that your readers would find interesting and that correlate to your genre.

Comment, Like and Follow on other pages, blogs and boards. Spend about 30 minutes doing some searching around and then return to these places on a regular basis. Post comments, create a dialogue, Like, etc. Usually, your FB name; URL or some other identifier is part of your reply, so people may follow you as well.

All of this is an experiment. You may find some sites more to your style than others. Just because FaceBook has many groups that authors can promote their books for free, doesn’t mean it’s the right place for your book. I joined one of these groups one night and was able to increase my Likes by 25 people in a matter of an hour, but the other authors weren’t all the types of books I was interested in reading let alone promoting with a Like. Spend some time researching such places.  I made sure I Liked the 25 that reciprocated.

Twitter and LinkedIn may be helpful for you. I like to use them more for information rather than posting and getting followers. But, that’s relevant to me and may not be relevant for you. You need to go on the sites and see if it’s something that would benefit your topic.

So, that just a few tips for now. I’ve gotten moved to my new home and settled in and just now getting back to working on my books, publishing and working on some new projects. All the boxes are unpacked so I have no excuse now.  As always, if you have any questions, or need any help getting your books written, published or marketed, don’t hesitate to contact me – 610-647-8863.  Or send me an email.

Hope this finds you writing, publishing and marketing with ease.

Rosemary Augustine ~ Author and Publisher